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Executive Producer

We are excited about our new projects, webisodes TORN and CIRCLES.  

TORN follows the story Juanita, a mother of a young son with hopes of encouraging him to pursue his dreams of becoming a news anchor, while she copes with the struggles she has with her newly released husband from prison. 

CIRCLES follows the story of three young women on the brink of following their dreams, but dealing with day-to-day personal issues that may or may not hinder them from reaching their goals.  For our follow-up to TORN, we wanted our audiences to relate to being at a crossroads with your career and wondering if you made the right decision, while dealing with personal issues. 

Overall, it is my hope that you join our movement, use this platform to share your story, so that we can tell your story.  No one story is alike, but in each woman's journey, we all can find a piece of ourselves.  

CIRCLES is a new web series by Rock, Groove and Jam! Presents.

When Jinga and Roxie were children, they believed they could conquer the world with The Girls Band.  Now, fifteen years later, not only have they replaced Lauren with a young rapper Gigi, but they have also changed the band name to Rock, Groove and Jam! With the hopes of revitalizing their singing career, each member is intertwined with friends and family who want to either see them succeed or fail.

Release date: TBD, POSTPONED